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PlayStation Network: Online / Offline PSN status checker with iPhone

It may be Friday and many of you may be thinking it’s time to go out and party soon, but for everyone else – only one question remains to be asked, ‘When is the PlayStation network and all of it’s related services going to be online again, globally?”

Before you say it, we understand that the PlayStation Network is already available to PS3 gamers in the UK, and US and most other parts of the world, but it’s not back up everywhere. PSN remains offline in places like Japan and Hong Kong, so it still is a very frustrating time for some gamers.

Having said that, the PlayStation Store still remains offline for EVERYONE, with Sony no closer to informing the community when it will be back online – much to our distress. This is particularly disappointing since the weekend is coming up, and it’s usually the perfect time for many to catch up on some lost gaming. The PlayStation Store is a very important part of that as some users need it to access game content, and in some cases games are rendered useless until the PS Store comes back online – Dirt 3 for example.

So in case the PlayStation Network does go offline again where ever you may happen to be, you can download a handy app on your iPhone for free which will give you an instant heads up on if the PSN is offline or online. The app is simply called ‘PSN Status’ and you can find it on the App Store now. Try it out now and give us your thoughts on the downtime.



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