Modern Warfare 3: Demo Preview before E3 2011

We know most of you are expecting Modern Warfare 3 to play a big part in this year’s E3 2011 conference next month, but how would you like to read some all-new details on the game before that? The highly anticipated shooter has just been shown behind closed doors in London and we have a summary of what was said for you.

Selected members of the gaming press were invited to the event in London, to grab the very first look of the game up close and personal before Activision, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games unveil it in San Francisco next month at E3 2011.

The first thing that you should be aware of, is that Modern Warfare 3 takes place directly after the events of MW2, so you may want to have a quick run through of MW2’s campaign mode if you’ve forgotten the story already.

The opening level of the game seems to take place in New York, with the following mission whisking players off to Canary Wharf in London. Players are immediately thrown into the action after getting out of a chopper, and it’s confirmed that you’ll be be able to take control of reaper drones and mounted guns to aid you in your battle.

The demonstrators at the event reminded viewers that gameplay was locked down to a constant 60fps, and the detailed preview over at VG247 suggests that this is the best looking Call of Duty game yet. There are also some interesting comparisons with Battlefield 3 that you might want to check out in their article too.

If you want a second opinion from the preview event, read Eurogamer’s take on it here. Let us know what you think judging by their articles. Are you pumped up for Modern Warfare 3?



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