Minecraft 1.6 update: Problems after download, do you have any?

We told you at the start of the week that a huge Minecraft update was incoming for the hugely popular online building game, and now we’re pleased to confirm that the update has now gone live. Patch 1.6 adds a wealth of changes, we want to know what players think of the updates after installing.

The update is available now the next time you start up the game. There are far too many changes to list them all here, but you can find the full update notes over at the official website at Notch here, as reported from Eurogamer.

Highlights include support for nether multiplayer, hatches, craftable maps, slow-growing mushrooms, dead shrubs in deserts and much more. One important thing to note is that Advanced Open GL support has been disabled in v1.6, as the creators still need to address a few bug fixes with it before including it again.

On the subject of bug fixes, there is a vast list for you to scan through over at the link above as well. If you have been having any problems with the game, there’s a good chance that the new update has solved things for you.

If you are already playing the latest version of Minecraft, let us know how your game is handling so far. Do you have any problems with the game or is everything fine?



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