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Land-a Panda 1.0: Innovative puzzle game for Mac

Help the pandas thrive and populate with Land-a Panda 1.0. The innovative puzzle game for Mac

Land-a Panda by Big Pixel Studios is a wonderful puzzle game, where you help Yang Guang meet his lovely female companion Tian Tian. This easy to use application has an intuitive touch control system with an individual style.

Fire Yang Guang from a cannon by just tapping, and more obstacles will appear, as you become a better aim. Time your descent and making great landings avoiding any dangerous enemies along the way. Get as many of the love coins as possible to gain interest from Tian Tian.

The main objectives are to collect all three golden coins in each level and all available points to achieve some affection from your love interest. Getting to Tian Tian is not a simple task, with countless cannons that move and circulate ghostly characters and teleports Land-a Panda is not easy to master.

Yang Guang will have to use his best skills to win his love. Land-a Panda is a unique innovative puzzle game that will have you playing for hours. For more information, Visit the Mac App Store.



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