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HTC open Bootloader: Pros / cons for the community

We have some fantastic news for HTC fans now, as the company has just announced that they will no longer be locking their bootloader on their Android smartphones, meaning that users will freely be able to root their device if they wish to.

The news has come from the grand daddy himself, Peter Chou aka the CEO of HTC. Below is the statement he released via HTC’s Facebook page, confirming the news that the modding community have been waiting to hear for years:

“There has been overwhelmingly customer feedback that people want access to open bootloaders on HTC phones. I want you to know that we’ve listened. Today, I’m confirming we will no longer be locking the bootloaders on our devices.”

So what does this mean exactly? Well it basically means that you will now be able to root device and in-turn install a custom firmware on your HTC smartphone if you are not happy with the official releases from HTC. It’s a trend that’s very popular with Samsung and Motorola devices, and now HTC are letting their users join in on the ‘fun’ as well.

But there are risks of course. Should you choose to go down the open bootloader road and root your device, it will mean that you will no longer be able to install official OTA updates on your device, as there’s a good chance that they won’t be compatible and you may even end up bricking your device. On the plus side, you can say hello to your new family at XDA Developers and patiently wait until they come up with unofficial ROMS and firmwares, which they always do.

If you are a HTC owner and have previously searched for mods for your device, let us know your thoughts on this move by HTC. You must be delighted, right? A victory for the community so to speak.



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