Panasonic revives pistol-grip camcorders, three new models unveiled

If you were a fan of the pistol-grip camcorders that Sanyo once produced and feared you may have seen the last of those designs, fear not as Panasonic has decided to revive those styles and have unveiled three new models.

Last year the company bought its rivals and has now branded the style with their own name. The three models are the HX-DC1, HX-DC15 and the VPC-CA100/DMX-CA100. Each of the camcorders features the classic flip out display and come in bright new colors.

All three of the devices are capable of shooting 1080p video. The HX-DC1 and the HX-DC15 are original models from Panasonic where as the VPC-CA100/DMX-CA100 camcorder is one that was brought out when Sanyo was in charge.

It’s had a few tweaks however going from being able to shoot 14.4 megapixel stills to now being able to take 16 megapixel pictures. The DC15 offers a 16 megapixel sensor too with 16GB of storage inside, while the DC1 takes 14.4 megapixel images.

As of yet they are only available in Japan with no word of a price. Check them out at their website where you will find nice images of the devices. Are you glad to see the pistol-grip style back?



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