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iPhone 4S minor release separate to iPhone 5, WWDC 2011 Rumors continue

It has been a while since we last heard any rumors regarding the iPhone 4S, but we have something for you now which may be of considerable interest. Apple’s iPhone PR team has apparently been discovered to be sending out invites to UK journalists for the upcoming WWDC 2011 event.

This has been noted by the guys over at ElectricPig, who are suggesting that this is a good enough reason to believe that Apple may unveil the iPhone 4S at their press conference in San Francisco on June 6th.

They add that it’s strange for the Apple iPhone PR team to specfically invite UK journalists to the event, unless there isn’t going to be something big to announce. After months of speculation, consumers had seemingly become aware that Apple may only be introducing iOS 5 to the world at the event, but after this piece of news – everything is still up in the air.

Just to clarify, the iPhone 4S is thought to be a minor modification of the iPhone 4, and not a fully fledged successor which warrants the tag ‘iPhone 5’. The iPhone 4S may come with a dual-core A5 processor seen in the iPad 2, as well as a better camera (8 megapixel?) and faster data speed support.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think we’ll witness an iPhone 4S device at WWDC 2011 on June 6th, or is this just wishful thinking?



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