iPad 2 WiFi connectivity problems: Antenna Gate aka Death Grip returns?

By Alan Ng - May 26, 2011

We have some slightly worrying news to bring to those of you in possession of an Apple iPad 2, as we’re just read a report which suggests that Apple’s latest tablet device is another victim of the infamous ‘antenna gate’ scandal that rocked the iPhone 4.

For those of you that aren’t aware, Antenna Gate is the term which refers to the death grip, i.e the position you hold the iPhone 4 or in this case, the iPad 2 now. According to this report from Redmondpie, holding the iPad 2 in the death grip with both hands on either side will result in a loss of WiFi connectivity bars, while removing a hand from the left side of the iPad 2 will bring the bars back up soon afterwards.

If you need proof of this claim, you’ll find it in the video below when you clearly see the WiFi bars drop from three to two, and then back up to three after performing the death grip. Given the huge public backlash that Apple faced with Antenna Gate for the iPhone 4, it seems a bit outrageous if the issue is still present on the iPad 2.

Have you experienced this too? Try it on your iPad 2 now and let us know what happens.

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