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Hasselblad H4D-200MS released, paying the price for 200-megapixels

The Hasselblad H4D-200MS has now been released, and we can see that photographers will be paying the price for 200-megapixels. The cost for this latest device is €32,000, which is around $45,000. The company always seems to set a trend in pricing, as their Hasselblad H4D Ferrari Edition cost €21,499 when it was released at the end of last year.

We have no doubt that this DSLR camera will still prove popular in the industry, as the technology used will be worth it to some. Where Hasselblad excels is how they are able to take a 50 megapixels sensor and use their multishot technology to give you a combination of six shots into one.

However, CNET notes that it is not all good, as the H4D-200MS can only be used on things that do not move – so modeling is out. The industry that this model is destined for is for taking stills of cars, jewelry, paintings and watches to name a few. We know that you think that your $300 camera is able to take multiple shots and stitch them together, but multishot system is very different. There is a motor inside that actually moves the sensor by a tiny fraction just before taking a shot.

Some of the main specs include a 3-inch display, Ultra-Focus, GPS accessory option, Hasselblad Natural Color Solution, Fully automatic Digital Lens Correction and so much more. For full technical specs visit the official Hasselblad website, where you can also find details on available accessories and lenses.



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