Ghost Recon Future Soldier: Xbox 360 version better than PS3 with Kinect

By Alan Ng - May 26, 2011

We have some pretty big news to share with you now, and it doesn’t look good for Ghost Recon fans who only have a PlayStation 3. It has been discovered on the Xbox 360 box art, that the game is apparently ‘better’ because it features Kinect support.

The box art can be viewed below, courtesy of TheSixthAxis, but it’s worthwhile to add that the image source has now disappeared from Does this mean that they knew the box art would create a bit of a storm amongst PS3 owners, or did they just not intend to release the box art so early before release.

At the moment, we don’t know if the game will support PlayStation Move controls as well, but obviously Kinect support has now been outed, and it could mean that gamers will be able to issue team instructions using just their hands, which sounds pretty awesome.

Should PS3 owners read too much into the ‘better with Kinect’ slogan though? – probably not. Who knows, we may even see the same box art for PS3, but with ‘better with Move’. Let us know your thoughts on this. Which version of the game will you be buying on release?

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  • Anonymous

    This is not saying that it’s better than the PS3 version. It’s saying that the experience while playing on the Xbox 360 will be better if you play with Kinect than it will be if you play with a controller alone. No multi-platform publisher would be crazy enough to downplay thier own product on competing platform by boasting on the box of another that it’s better. That’s a fast way to loose a partner.