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Evo 2 gaming console brings Android and Angry Birds to your TV

There are many good games available on the Android platform, but sometimes they can’t give you the best experience being on a small screen. But today we have news of the Evo 2 gaming console which brings Android to your TV.

Justin Rubio of IGN is reporting that the new device from Envision will bring the opportunity for Android users to play their games on their big screen TV. The unit is powered by 1.2 GHz processor from Samsung and runs on a special version of Android 2.2 Froyo. With the unit itself you will find an EVO TV remote and game controller.

You will also find a HDMI cable which you can use to connect the unit to your TV. Later this year motion control will be added. Users will get the chance to earn points to buy Android games with EVO tokens. Envisions are currently running a poll on the general cosmetic design of the console.

You can head over to the company’s site to take part and to put a deposit down of $15 for the device. It is expected to launch in the US during the fall for $249. Will you be interested in the EVO 2 when it is released?



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