E3 2011 party list, great for press leaks

The E3 2011 party list is already out, and for some is a great way for some juicy press leaks. We offered you a reminder yesterday of US and UK start date and times of when the event officially starts, but some of you will want to know a little more about these party events. One would assume that the media would not want to indulge in such activities, as they need to stay sharp for the following day.

Who are we kidding though, most of us like a good party, and if there is a chance that some of these reporters are able to learn a few little gems before an official announcement, we say go for it. SideQuesting has the entire party list, as well as informing us of an unofficial Facebook group for these E3 parties.

Before you head off to Los Angeles Memorial Sports Center you had best pack as many energy drinks as you can, as you are going to need them. Looking at some of those parties that are to take place you should not expect to get much sleep. Just try not to be too noisy when you get back to your hotel room.

There are two events the day before it all kicks off, these are as follows: The 2011 Child’s Play Invitational Golf Tournament and the WHISKE3Y: Destructoid’s 5-year E3 Anniversary Party. After that there are another seven parties to attend. You have two choices, visit just the ones that you feel are of interest, or go all out and try to attend as many as possible.

One more thing, if you do learn something juicy, then please share it with us. We wonder if a new Xbox will be announced like we suggested a few days back?



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