Bridge paper shredder concept, compatible with any bin

If you’re one of those people who go through a lot of important paperwork and often have to throw documents containing personal information away, you most probably own a shredder so as to avoid identity fraud and other similar issues.

The main problem with shredders is that they can take up a lot of room and are difficult to store. That’s about to change with this new concept design from One Tenth Design called the Bridge shredder. Its small, slender yet industrial design makes it both practical and effective.

It has a plain white design finish suggests clinical performance. Its design has also been likened to something Apple would produce, which isn’t a negative comment with the success that that company has with their products. Because of its practical size it makes it easily stored, it can sit unnoticed on a desk or can be put away in a drawer.

If you check out the article at Designboom you will see there is no worry of tripping over its cord as there isn’t one as it’s powered by four AA batteries. The most practical thing about the Bridge however is compatible with any bin or trash can, by just sitting on top of them.

Would you get a shredder like this?



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