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AlphaBubbles Multilingual: Language learning iOS app for all ages

Educate your knowledge of the spoken word in other countries with AlphaBubbles Multilingual. The language learning app for all ages available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

There is no age limit to AlphaBubbles Multilingual by Kids Learning Language Media. This app uses the basics of ten languages learning numbers, letters, shapes, characters and colors. AlphaBubbles is an ideal learning app for all age groups even children as young as three.

The idea of the game is to pop a bubble and whatever is inside is delivered with the spoken name in the chosen language. Pop bubbles and you will hear great popping sounds even the empty ones. Customize the speed of the bubbles and the background colors using the settings options.

This fun fast educating game will help you progress in the “Test Your Knowledge” game. This mode has you listening to charming voices saying different colors, letters and numbers. Then you choose the matching bubble. You will get ten goes before your score is announced.

Enjoy learning a new alphabet and have fun popping bubbles this app will improve a child’s listening and memory skills. AlphaBubbles has many languages for you to play with; English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, Korean, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin) and Japanese

AlphaBubbles is a fun game for all the family with language learning abilities. For more details, visit the App Store.



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