Xperia Play gets Minecraft exclusive: Owners rejoice, Android users frown

Earlier on this week we informed you that a patch update was on the way for popular game Minecraft, but now we have some news which is set to delight those of you with a Sony Xperia Play handset. It has been confirmed that owners will get Minecraft as an exclusive title for the time being.

While this is obviously great news for those of you who actually own a PlayStation Phone, it’s not so good news for those of you who are patiently waiting for an Android and iOS release, both of which are still in development.

Creators of the game Mojang haven’t given any specific details on how long the exclusivity period on the Xperia Play will last, or when the game will be heading to Android and other mobile devices.

However, a media event is expected to bring full details on June 7th, as reported from VG247. How many of you are still addicted to Minecraft we wonder? Are you a bit disappointed that Sony has managed to prize this exclusive to the Xperia Play in favor of a global release for Android and iOS devices?

If you do have a Xperia Play, let us know if you intend to get Minecraft or not.



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