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Spending Log 1.0: App helps you manage your money

Keep track of your spending habits with Spending Log 1.0 The app helps you manage your money, available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Spending Log by Corbenic Consulting helps your monitor how much you spend on your monthly outgoings. Maybe your money is going in or coming out of separate accounts and you need these details to be easy to view and manage. With Spending Log 1.0, you can see where your money goes.

Find out what certain areas you can cut costs and form groups that can assist you on food shopping expenses for a week or fuel bills for a month. Have information ready and available to suit your own specific needs within any period of time. Get organized setting up automated reoccurring transactions for paying rent or account transfers.

This easy to use app has a useful ‘Import’ function; where you can import transaction data from other companion apps these include Vehicle Maintenance Logger and Fuel Economy Calculator. Spending Log will show you your account balances in a bank statement format for easy viewing, also showing you a breakdown of your spending by expense categories.

See where all your money goes and how much you have left with Spending Log 1.0. For more details, visit the App Store.



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