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Malware update for Mac OS X coming: Manual resolution now

You might remember at the beginning of the month that there was a MacDefender 2011 warning; we can now tell you that there is to be an update for Mac OS X, which will resolve the malware issue. Although we know that the update is coming, Apple has still provided us with a manual resolution just for now.

The update is said to be with us in “the coming days” and will locate and remove Mac Defender malware, along with any other variants. 9 to 5 Mac says that the update will also come with a warning for those who download the malware. These have been worrying times for Mac users; we just hope that this will resolve the issue once and for all.

For those who have already downloaded the malware, then there is a solution. All you need do is go to your downloads folder then find the suspect file and drag it to the trash. However, if you have installed it, then make certain that you have not provided any personal details, such as credit card numbers etc.

The first step is to move or close the Scan Window, you then need to go to the Utilities folder, which is in the Applications folder. Once there you then need to launch the Activity Monitor. This is a bit of a drawn out process, so you had best visit Apple Support for the full instructions.

Have you been affected by the current Mac OS X malware issue, if so did you install MacDefender willingly?



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