Garmin nuvi 2565RT PND: GPS, shoots routes with camera

For those of you that do a lot of travelling to places you’ve never been before and are sick of the usual GPS or Sat Nav systems, then we have some news of a different type that may interest you. The company Garmin has released a PND called the nuvi 2565RT which features something unique to other systems.

This unique feature is a camcorder, so the nuvi not only tells you where to go but also shoots videos of where you go as you’re driving. It’s a 5” display and the camera is a GDR-10 capable of recording 720p HD, which can also be saved to microSD.

As with other Sat Nav systems the device attaches to the windscreen alongside its camera which has a central view of the journey. The video shot is streamed to the actual PND whilst being recorded as well.

Unfortunately the device is only available in Taiwan as of yet, with plans of other Asian countries getting a taste such as South Korea and Japan. Success in these countries could mean a release for Europe and US. If you would like to know more about the device check out

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