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Flick Away 1.0.1: New addictive game for iPhone

Keep those strange animals from getting too close and test your reactions with Flick Away 1.0.1. The new addictive game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Flick Away by 4Division is a fast-paced game that uses your reflexes to see how long you can cope with a continuous bombardment of incoming characters. The story starts when alien plants took over your kingdom and used mind control over all cute creatures. You then lost any control over your animal friends and they turned against you.

Its not their fault, so you cannot bring yourself to harm them all you can do is flick them away. Your aim is to not let them cross that final line, watch out for the animals wearing clothes they will need a double flick. Get the black bird with the golden egg for a bonus score. Fifty combos will give you access to fever mode and ten combos to recover a heart.

With three missions of ten levels, your aim is to complete all thirty. There are nine different characters to unlock with the flicking becoming more intense the further you progress. The ideal way to play to your maximum advantage is to use both thumbs. Try your best to flick the animals just between the lines and see how many you can manage at one time.

Flick Away is a fun rapid response game that will entertain you for hours. For more information, watch the video below and visit the App Store.



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