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Easily send group emails with free iOS app

Have an entire collection of your contacts informed with MailShot and easily send group emails with this free app available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

MailShot- Group Email Done Right! by Soluble helps you send emails to groups of people at once. Email to big or small groups from your popular apps. Inform work colleagues, family members and friends with special entries created by MailShot. There is no need for Group Email programs just choose your contact from MailShot and tap “send” within all mail accessible apps.

Make life easier and use MailShot for contacting regular groups, remembering to add certain people and not forgetting others. With an upgrade, you can have groups of over 50 people. MailShot allows you to select and ignore individuals at speed. Photographs and documents are also easily sent to different groups. MailShot Groups can be used in the cc: or bcc: fields of your email too, so you can protect people’s privacy when you need to.

With the free MailShot app, you can create three groups of up to five in each. For more details take a look at the video demo below and visit the App Store.



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