Cydle i30 cradle for iPhone, watch digital TV anywhwere

If you’ve ever wished you were able to watch all your favorite channels whilst travelling somewhere or just to pass the time but don’t have access to a TV then you will like the news we have for you today. Thanks to a company called Cydle you can watch digital TV on your iPhone anywhere with their i30 cradle.

The Cydle i30 is capable of streaming digital TV in real-time to your mobile device by encasing it then using its aerial to pick up the different channels. These channels are then displayed on the mobile device using Wi-Fi.

This smart device was first flaunted at CES 2010, then again at this year’s CES still not ready, but now the i30 cradle seems to be headed FCC’s way and the company is launching their device. The case is battery powered and rechargeable. Its AC adapter also powers your device as well as recharging the case simultaneously.

In order for the iPhone to play the channels you will need to first download the Cydle ATSC M/H Mobile TV app. Check out the link above for more details about the Cydle i3.

Does this device and app’s capabilities interest you?



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