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Call of Duty Black Ops: Limited Edition PS3 bundle with First Strike DLC Maps

If for some bizarre reason you have yet to play Call of Duty: Black Ops, the following news may be of interest to you. Sony and Activision have just announced that a limited edition Black Ops PS3 bundle will be releasing next month, and it will come with pre-loaded DLC content.

It may be pretty strange timing to bring out this PS3 bundle now, especially with Modern Warfare 3 around the corner, but it’s still a very good deal anyway if you don’t own Black Ops on the PS3.

For the standard PS3 price of $299, you can now get a 160GB PS3 console, a copy of Black Ops, and also the First Strike DLC content bundled in as well. That’s a pretty sweet deal there, but it would have been even better of course if they had thrown Escalation in there as well – but hey, we can’t get too greedy.

If you’re interested, the bundle will be available to buy on May 31st from all good gaming retailers. You can read the full press release from Sony over at Joystiq if you’re interested.

Who is planning to get this? We still don’t believe that there’s a good deal of you who don’t own a copy of Black Ops yet – prove us wrong.



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