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Age of Conan: Unrated – New free-to-play game announced

We have some rather interesting news now for those of you that are familiar with Funcom’s fantasy-themed MMO game Age of Conan, as the Norwegian video game developer has recently announced that it will be offering a new free-to-play game alongside the subscription set-up.

According to a recent article by Fred Dutton over at, the game – titled Age of Conan: Unrated – is scheduled to arrive sometime this summer. Executive producer Craig Morrison said that the move is intended to capitalize on a potential increase in interest following the upcoming Conan film.

Those who choose the free-to-play Age of Conan: Unrated game will still be able to reach level 80 without having to fork out any money, but they do have to pay for extra items – such as scrolls, new pets, mounts, bags, premium location passes and potions – and expansions.

Existing Age of Conan subscribers will now be called premium members, and will continue to enjoy exactly the same benefits as they currently do. Premium and free-to-play gamers won’t be segregated into separate servers either, and will all be able to play together.

The re-launch will also add 2 new solo story-based dungeons called The Forgotten City and The Breach, which scale to a player’s level between levels 40 and 80. Have you ever played the Age of Conan game before? If not, will you be giving the free-to-play Age of Conan: Unrated a go?



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