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Will T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ upgrade make you switch from Verizon, AT&T?

We have some major news to bring you now, as hot on the heels of AT&T’s 4G LTE plans, T-Mobile has just announced that they are upgrading their 4G HSPA+ to support blistering speeds of up to 42mbps in some areas.

The new speeds will only be available to select customers, but you’ll be pleased to hear that T-Mobile has already listed the full 55 markets that their new HSPA+ upgrade will cover. Markets include the likes of New York, Chicago, LA, Long Beach, Miami, San Francisco and much more. You can view the full list of covered areas over at BGR here.

Furthermore, T-Mobile also announced a new USB dongle which is required to access the new speeds. They are calling it the Rocket 3.0 data stick and it will cost you $99 to pick one up. It will be available from tomorrow, May 25th and will allow customers to make use of the improved speeds, providing they are in a supported area of course.

What are your thoughts on this major news? Up to 42mbps kind of makes a mockery of Verizon’s 4G LTE speeds doesn’t it? It will be very interesting to hear what Verizon think of this, perhaps they are planning a counter-announcement now as T-Mobile has definitely caught everyone’s attention. Will this speed boost tempt you into moving to T-Mobile, or are you still happy with data speeds from Verizon and AT&T?



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