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UK exposure of Samsung Smart TV increases

The UK exposure of Samsung Smart TV increases, as we have finally started to see more commercials appear on TV channels. We know that these new television sets have been in the UK for a few months now, but up until yesterday I had not seen one commercial. However, it seems that they have been there, but I was not looking for them.

The ad was very brief, so we felt that we needed to head to YouTube so we can take a closer look. The UK commercial has gone for an informative approach, so aims to show you as many features as possible during the 45 seconds running time. We love it how the lady says that it takes scare of all her entertainment needs, and from what we have reported in the past she is not wrong.

We love how Samsung have added the Galaxy Tab into the commercial, what better way to promote two devices than by allowing them to work in unison together. We do hope to see more of this commercial, as there is no denying how much of a great product Samsung Smart TV is.

Now the US commercial for the same device has gone for a different approach. There is no talking on this one, just two people sitting on the sofa using the Samsung Smart TV to communicate with each other. This is certainly a clever way to advertise a product; we just cannot wait to see how they top this one.

To see both commercials they are embedded for you below.

Have you seen either Samsung Smart TV commercial, did they persuade you to buy one? Samsung TV’s USA Facebook page can be found here.



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