PlayStation Store back online, by end of May not tomorrow

By Gary Johnson - May 24, 2011

Last week we told you about some rumors that the PlayStation Store will be back online around the 24th. These rumors were strengthened with the news that the PlayStation Network is going down for maintenance today. But now we can tell you that the PlayStation Store back online status will be by the end of May and not tomorrow.

The information comes courtesy of James Gallagher via the Official PlayStation Blog, where he states that regardless of the rumors the PS Store “will not be reopening tomorrow”. He says that he doesn’t have an exact date but Sony is aiming to have it back online by the end of the month.

He also confirms the news about the planned PlayStation Network maintenance between 16:00 BST to 00:00 BST. If gamers want to play during the downtime he reminds users to sign onto PSN before the maintenance begins.

This news will be a disappointment to the millions of users wanting to access the PS Store to download expansion packs and purchase new games. It will also mean that access to the Welcome Back package will be delayed further.

Are you disappointed the PS Store won’t be back for another week yet?

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  • Robert Woodhead

    I would Rather playstation store take another week and be properly secure that it going on now and getting hacked for another 2 months, i am aswell still playstation loyal.

  • Anonymous

    Still hangin’ in there for PS Store, but refusin’ to join the dark side

  • slammr28

    I’m still Playstation Loyal. I can wait another week for the PS Store.

  • I have all 3 consoles. I have always stood by PS but have seriously been moving over to xbox and PC gaming. That trust is gone for me at the moment and they need to do something to really earn that trust back.

  • this is maddening… they must have been hit pretty hard, and are going to have to work equally hard to win back the trust of PS owners

  • I feel if it’s taking this long to get everything back up then what happened to PSN last month was worse then Sony let on. I’m on the fence about if I will switch back to 360.