Judge wants to see Samsung Galaxy S2, Tab 8.9 and 10.1

By Peter Chubb - May 24, 2011

The saga between Samsung and Apple has taken a new turn, as a judge wants to see the Samsung Galaxy S2, Tab 8.9 and 10.1 to see if they have in fact been inspired by the iPhone and iPad. We all know by now that the Korean consumer electronics maker denies such a thing, but it must be a bitter pill for them to swallow handing over their handsets and tablets.

The company has 30 days to comply with the request, which also includes the Droid Charge and the Infuse 4G. In cases like this they normally have 3 months to handover samples, but according to Court House News this has had to be reduced as the products that are due for release may cause confusion, as they are not only described but also packaged in a similar way to Apple products.

Apple has tried to force Samsung not to release these products in the past, but all attempts have failed so far. Apple might have to go one step further and take out some sort of injunction to stop Samsung from selling some of the above products. Currently the judge has not taken any sides just yet, but agreed that it did warrant a closer look at the devices in question.

Apple is doing all they can to help things go their way, so much so that they have provide the courts with images of said Samsung products. This issue can still go on for months, so we really do not know where this will leave Samsung, as some of the devices are due to be released shortly.

Do you think that Apple has a strong case against Samsung?

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  • Good lord Apple is so petty. They added the Samsung Epic to the list of offending devices. The Epic. It has a slideout keyboard! How is it that that looks anything like an iPhone? Can Apple show me a way to make a touch screen phone THAT IS CONVENIENT without putting the capacitive/hardware buttons under the screen? If you put it on either side you’re most likely going to hit it on accident. On top near the speakers you can’t make calls :/ 

  • It seems as if Apple is actively monopolizing the market by not allowing
    customers to chose (by attempting to not allow Samsung to release their products to the market).
    It’s a simple but way too aggressive strategy for the “authorities” to
    ignore. Apple will lose not because the judge says so but because the
    market demand for variety will simply not allow it.

  • all I know is I’m going to be VERY displeased if some injunction hits and I can’t get an S2 whenever it’s supposed to come out in Canada.

    and no, I will not be going to buy an Iphone 5.  Way to be that guy that ruins the party for the rest of us Apple!  You used to be the cool one.  What happened?