India’s Renault Fluence: Price and sales strategy

Renault has been away from the Indian market for a while now, so finally nice to see them come back, and boy have they come back in style. India’s Renault Fluence is a new premium sedan that will be available in both petrol and diesel. Here we will be looking at not only the price, but also the sales strategy as well. We expect that this car will be targeting the Hyundai Verna.

The price for the diesel model is Rs 12.99 lakh and 14.40 lakh for the petrol model. It is not very often that you find a diesel cheaper than a petrol model, but it does happen occasionally. Renault India has said that they are ready for the new push in India and they already have a head start, as they know what the consumers want.

The petrol version of the Renault Fluence comes with a 2-liter engine and returns 13.4 kmpl, whereas the diesel has a 1.5-liter powerplant and delivers 21.84 kmpl. The sedan comes with a number of features for your comfort, but if that does not prove enough then you can always choose the many number of upgrades.

Livemint says that Renault will be going all out in India this time round; as they are to launch seven new models this includes the Fluence. This is a long-term commitment, as the French carmaker will launch another two small cars that are specific to the Indian market over the next three to four years.



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