Final Fantasy XIV: Major PC update coming, but it could be in vain

By Alan Ng - May 24, 2011

It has been a while since we last heard any news on the somewhat ‘disappointing’ Final Fantasy XIV MMO title, but we have some important news for you now. Square Enix has announced that the game is to be given a major update which will hopefully make gamers a little more satisfied about the game.

Square-Enix’s producer for Final Fantasy XIV felt the need to announce this personally, and he did so over on the game’s official forum. Naoki Yoshida wrote what can be only described as an essay, complete with a chart detailing all of the planned updates for the game, as reported from Eurogamer.

Highlights include character rebalancing, the introduction of auto-attack, a new job system, user interface enhancements, battle system overhaul to ‘reward effort and reduce monotony’, equipment attribute revisions and much more.

You can view the whole thing in full on the forums here. Have a good look through the list and let us know your thoughts on the changes. As a paying subscriber to the game, do you think the updates are sufficient, or are you really disappointed at the way Final Fantasy XIV has progressed since it’s release?

We’d also like to know which areas you think should be updated / modified which are not included in the producer’s notes. We’ll let you know when the first wave of updates happen.

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  • i’m a FFXIV player and the game is still free to
    play til further notice by SE. The game is progressing very well with
    monthly updates and constant communication with development and the
    player’s feedback. The game is turning out what the game should’ve been
    since launch. The updates are sufficient and people that lost touch with this game should back and give it a shot once more on how the game has improve since you last played it.