Aging Nexus S 4G, blame Galaxy S2

By Peter Chubb - May 24, 2011

The aging Nexus S 4G is not nice to say, but it is something that was bound to happen now that the Galaxy S2 is on the scene. Sprint is now the second carrier to support the Google phone, so at least it is halfway there. Not much has changed between this version and T-Mobile’s, but it is the inclusion of the WiMAX radio that helps to breath new life into it.

Having said that, it is just a little gasp of air instead of a deep breath, but something is better than nothing we guess. We really have to wonder if Sprint customers will be convinced by this and purchase this aging handset over some of the more newer models; the Samsung Galaxy S II being a perfect example.

The design has always been a nice one, so much so that there are rumors that Apple might add that curved glass design into the next iPhone. However, it just seems that Sprint has been a bit lazy, as the only thing to have changed is the 4G radio. The issue we have with this is the fact that the hardware was not that groundbreaking when it was first launched, and now the device is months old.

It is hoped that consumers will still want a piece of the Nexus S pie, as they will be getting much faster speeds than they do on T-Mobile. For those of you who do not care too much about the latest tech, then you could do far worse than the Nexus S.

Do you think that Sprint has done the right thing by launching a 4G version of the Nexus S?

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  • Daniel Fuller

    I think Sprint has catered to the Google purists and those who doubt that dual-core will really take off. After all, the Nexus S is pretty much a glorified Vibrant with gingerbread and NFC, which is pretty cutting-edge when it comes to single-core. In fact, it’s arguably the best single core Android in existence, from a performance standpoint. Besides that, having a single core and a months-old GPU is sales suicide for the Nexus S 4G when it comes to gamers and tech geeks, but I’m sure those who just want whatever’s being served on the “Android Special of the Month” plate will be fine with this. You know who I’m talking about, the kind of people who jumped at the Samsung Moment when they heard 800mhz, or got a Galaxy Tab to tether to their regular phone. As for me, I’m waiting for the Evo 3D. I would wait for the GS2 variant, but I’m jumping ship from T-Mo, money comes in June 8 and my fiancee is eager to go.

  • Can I buy this nexus through your website?