Mozilla launches new Firefox Beta for Android: download now

By Tina Chubb - May 23, 2011

Just yesterday we announced that the Firefox 5 public beta had been released recently, despite original reports that suggested it would be arriving sometime in June. Now we have received word that Mozilla has just launched a new Firefox Beta for Android.

According to Marc Chacksfield over on the website, the new Firefox Beta application – which shows off a version of Firefox 5 that is currently in development – contains a whole host of new features, including improved compatibility with SwiftKey.

Android users should also find that the Firefox Beta for Android offers improved loading speeds, better panning and a better display of both videos and images. Mozilla recently revealed that there are now more than 150 add-ons for the Firefox mobile browser.

100 of the add-ons are said to be compatible with the latest Firefox Beta version. The newly release Firefox Beta application also adds support for more than six menu items in the Android Menu, and users should find that images downloaded to the Android Gallery will be visible immediately.

The Firefox Beta app is available to download from the Android Market now, but does require the device to be running Android 2.0 or above. If users wish to report problems or provide ideas about Firefox for Android, they can do so simply by tapping on ‘Give Feedback’ on the welcome page.

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  • Senina chung

    Anybody tried this beta version in android? The earlier versions made a bad performance in my mobile just as the firefox 4 in my computer. So disappointed with with firefox. why not Avant browser make an android version?I will be the first users if it works as well as the one in desktop.