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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD: PS3 trailer wets appetite for gamers

Earlier on, we briefly informed you about the huge news for Monster Hunter Portable fans, as Sony has decided to bring a new collection of HD remakes to the PlayStation 3, with Capcom’s popular RPG franchise on the PSP the first game to be announced so far.

What we didn’t show you earlier, is the first trailer for the PS3 HD conversion, which we have now included below. The trailer shows a good length of gameplay, and also some very important snippets showing the graphical changes between the PS3 and PSP versions.

Sony and Capcom are promising updated visuals to make it look like a PS3 game, while there will also be some new PS3 features such as the ability to play online with your PSP friends directly on the PlayStation 3 system, as it will include some sort of built-in Ad-Hoc functionality.

Furthermore, you’ll also be able to play on either the PSP or PS3 at the same time with friends, and take game saves with you on either platform. Sony couldn’t have picked a better game to tout their new PS3 Remaster games, we just hope that the rest of the remakes are just as good as Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.

Watch the debut trailer below and let us know your thoughts on this. If you’re a fan of the series, let us know if you plan on getting the PS3 version. Are you impressed with the cross play features? We certainly are.



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