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Kobo Wi-Fi Touch Edition e-reader: specs and price

We have some interesting news now for those of you that are currently thinking about buying a new e-reader, as we’ve recently heard that Kobo has just unveiled its new Kobo Wi-Fi Touch Edition e-reader. The device is available to pre-order now for $129.99, and will be shipping sometime in June.

According to an article by David Carnoy over on the website, the upcoming Kobo Wi-Fi Touch Edition e-reader features a 6-inch Pearl e-ink touch screen (which is the exact same screen as the Kindle’s e-ink screen) with Neonode zForce infrared touch technology.

It also comes with Wi-Fi wireless connectivity (b/g/n), a MicroSD card slot that will add up to a 32GB card and 1GB of onboard storage. The Kobo Wi-Fi Touch Edition e-reader supports PDF, Adobe DRM and ePub, and features multiple languages including Dutch, English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

The compact and elegantly designed Kobo Touch Edition – which weighs just 7.05 ounces and has a battery that lasts up to two weeks – comes in black (with a black back) and white, with a choice of iliac blue or white back. It looks like Kobo is aiming to release the Touch Edition in several countries.

Are you thinking about buying a new e-reader? If so, would you consider the Kobo Touch Edition?



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