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iOS 5 multi-user support

There are hopes that iOS 5 multi-user support will be something expected during WWDC 2011, as the current mobile OS for both versions of the iPad does not have it. Now both the iPad and iPad 2 allows you to run more than one email account, along with having a password in place so a child cannot get in. However, if they were to use your Apple tablet, then there is nothing stopping them from using all the sections that you do.

Being able to have different users so that you can allow children to use different sections of the iPad to what you do seems like a basic feature, but for some reason Apple has not included it in iOS 4. A majority of us of have an iPad have children in the house, so this left out feature seems like a bit of an oversight to us.

The only way for you to stop a child from doing something like deleting an email account etc is by stopping them from using it. This is a hard thing to do, as they know that there are all kinds of fun apps just waiting to be played on there. HelpSpa believes that if Apple rally wants to push the iPad 2 as the family tablet, then they had best include multi-user support in iOS 5.

Having said that, we know that Apple markets their tablet as a personal device, so perfect for making you buy more than one per household. There has to be limitations to what you can do with the iPad, but surely there has to be a way? Lets just wait and see what Steve Jobs announces during WWDC 2011.

Do you think that iOS 5 should offer multi-user support?



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