Hyperkin PS3 Remotext: Three in one controller

The PlayStation 3 has had its problems over the last month, to say the least and Sony has been doing their best to apologize. Now things are finally up and running again focus can return to doing what you love with your console and thanks to Hyperkin it can be all the more convenient.

With Hyperkin’s PS3 Remotext users are capable of playing games, watching Blu-ray movies and typing all with one controller. The most defining feature of this device is its slide-out QWERTY keypad. It’s conveniently positioned so typing is made easier and doesn’t interfere with its other features.

The gaming controls take on the same layout as the usual Dualshock 3 pad except there doesn’t seem to be any trigger buttons on the back. When the keypad is not out the remote has Blu-ray player functionality, with all the buttons you’d expect on a Blu-ray player remote.

The Remotext is rechargeable and uses a wireless USB receiver to communicate with the PS3. It’s due to debut at E3, in the meantime you can check out Engadget where they have a ful press release for more details on the controller.

What do you think of the device? Will you be getting one?



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