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Help children learn Chinese with an iPad app

Teach kids another language by reading, listening and writing. EasyChinese K1 is a great way to help children learn Chinese with an iPad app.

EasyChinese K1 by ZiCool Studio assists with the teaching of Chinese characters by pronouncing, hearing and repeating. The teaching of certain character strokes are demonstrated with visual graphics. With an educational quiz and games involved this app is designed to stimulate easy learning.

The selection of characters included in EasyChinese K1 makes reference to the lists of new words in the PEP’s handbook of 1st semester Grade 1. There are 400 characters available with characters presented in 20 levels having 20 characters per level.

This app is ideal for children over 3 years old who are learning Chinese abroad or in a non-speaking Chinese environment, a preschool child of 3-6, in a non-speaking Chinese location and primary school learning of all grades. EasyChinese is not a short cut to learn just characters.

Learning Chinese characters and improving acquisition will become easy with EasyChinese K1. For more details visit the App Store.



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