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Easily rent a boat of all different sizes with free iPhone app

Make sure you get that boat you require with iRentaBoat. Easily rent a boat of all different sizes with the free iPhone app also available for the iPad and iPod Touch.

iRentaBoat by PropertiesInEnglish is a free application to help assist you in the rental of a chartered yacht or boat of your choice. There is no need for time-consuming searches and phone calls with iRentaBoat, when you can have boats and yachts from countless different companies available to you for simple and affective use.

You may have a size specification or price limit, a certain type of vessel like a canal boat or a sailing boat; all this can be simply accessed with iRentaBoat. If you have a location you need to rent from or you fancy renting a few types of craft you can look at an enhanced map on your boat application.

The detailed lists of boats and their prices come with countless images of that desired craft. There are options to rent straight from an owner of rental agency using e-mail or by phone. Reserve or just enquire and view special prices and discounts offered. Get local weather reports and access valuable information to accompany your findings.

IRentaBoat is a simple to use application that will assist your search for a boat no matter what the specifications. For more information, head over to the App Store.



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