Cinematic gameplay Modern Warfare 3 HD trailer

Today has been a busy day for MW3 news, not only is there a possibility that the game could come to the Wii and DS, but also that there is already a price war on. We now have news of the cinematic gameplay Modern Warfare 3 HD trailer, which will take place at 6pm PT during the NBA Western Conference Finals. For those of you in the UK, then you will have to stay up until 2am.

The Battlefield 3 trailer was just awesome, so it will be interesting to see how the new Call of Duty game will fair. Not much is known about what to expect, but Robert Bowling from Infinity Ward said that the trailer was “Cinematic gameplay.” So this tells us that they will go all out on building the game up by showing off some awesome gameplay footage.

Tech Watch says that this will help give us a good idea of just how MW3 will take on Battlefield 3. One thing we do know, we are in for a real treat and fans of the franchise in the UK will not want to go to bed, as they cannot wait until the morning. Just grab yourself and coffee or a Red Bull, as you only have two and half hours or so left.

The link to the trailer will be found here, but we can be certain that our colleague Alan Ng will be discussing it a little later. He will no doubt be taking a close look and offer his honest opinion on what he thought, and what he expects from the game when it is released in November.

What are your expectation regarding the Modern Warfare 3 HD trailer?



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