Batman Arkham City: do fans want Penguin as main villain?

We have some interesting news for Batman fans now, as we’re hearing rumors that the infamous Penguin may be included in Batman: Arkham City as one of the game’s main villains joining Joker and company who have already been confirmed. What are your thoughts on his possible inclusion?

When you think Batman and Penguin, we naturally see Danny Devito in Batman Returns, but we’re hoping that Batman Arkham City will breath a new sense of life into the Penguin character, just like the how the Joker was superbly represented in both the Dark Knight movie and also the first Batman:Arkham Asylum title.

He hasn’t been confirmed yet, but his name and also a scan have appeared in a few Australian publications. Meanwhile Destructoid, are already taking it as granted that Penguin will be included in the game, as they have also ran the same story and included the scan of him which you can check out through their site.

But as a fan of the last game, and as a fan in general of the Batman franchise – what are your thoughts on Penguin appearing in Arkham City. How would you like him to be portrayed? It will be interesting to see how his story ties in with the likes of Joker, The Riddler, Catwoman, Two-Face , Mr Freeze and Hugo Strange, all of whom have already been confirmed for the game.

Batman Arkham City is due out on multiplatform on October 18th in the US.



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