PSP Remaster Series: PlayStation Portable games heading to PS3

By Tina Chubb - May 22, 2011

We have some rather exciting news now for all you PlayStation 3 owners out there, as we’ve just received word that Sony is planning to bring a number of classic PlayStation Portable games to the PS3 as part of the company’s recently announced PSP Remaster Series.

According to a recent article by Anoop Gantayat over on the website, the games featured in the PSP Remaster Series will be updated with full high-definition visuals, and include 3D support, compatibility with the Dual Shock 3 controller, exclusive PS3 content and other features.

Both the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3 versions of the game will also share save data. As Sony notes, this could enable gamers to start playing a game on the PSP while they are out and about, and continue playing it on the PS3 once they return home.

The PSP Remaster Series will initially kick off in Japan through the sales of Blu-ray disc titles. However, Sony’s statement does suggest that the series will also see an international release. It appears that some games will even be offered in downloadable form.

It looks like the very first title in the series has already been ousted as well. As the article notes, Capcom will be launching a PS3 version of the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd game under the name Monster Hunter Portable HD. It should be released sometime in the summer.

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  •  OH PLEASE BRING US GITAROO MAN LIVES! IN HD!!! And Everybody’s Tennis (unbelievably the greatest Tennis game ever made).