Physics-based puzzle game Storm heading to PC, PSN and XBLA

By Tina Chubb - May 21, 2011

We have some interesting news now for those of you that enjoy playing physics-based puzzle games, as both Zoo Entertainment and video game developer Eko Software have just announced their plans to launch the new Storm game for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC.

As Yogev over on the website recently noted, the upcoming Storm game sees players controlling the weather in order to grow seeds into trees. This is done by guiding the seeds though a number of nature-themed levels that are set to tranquil background music.

Players are able to solve puzzles, simply by manipulating the weather elements. However, conjured weather can either help or hinder players in their journey. Seeds can be transported past obstacles with bolts of lightning, torrential downpours or even with gusts of wind.

The physics-based puzzle game features a total of 49 levels, with players being able to use three main weather elements (wind, rain and lightning) and four secondary elements (tornadoes, bubbles, snow and ice) to maneuver five different types of seeds in each of the four seasons.

Each level can be played in three different game modes: spirit, adventure and challenge. Spirit mode comes with special orbs that are placed around levels for players to collect, while Challenge mode sees players finishing unlocked levels to beat completion times and raise their scores.

Meanwhile, the Adventure mode enables untimed play though to unlock levels and progress through the game. You can view a trailer for the upcoming Storm game via the website. Do you like the sound of Storm?

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