Nintendo Wii 2: new controller to include camera

We’ve heard quite a few rumors regarding Nintendo’s next generation Wii console – dubbed the Wii 2 / Project Café – over the past few months, with a lot of the speculation relating to its controller. One rumor even suggested that the controller would come with a touch-screen.

Now it appears that an insider has revealed a few more details on the widely speculated ‘Wii 2’ controller. According to a recent article by Rob Crossley over at, a person close to the matter recently revealed that the new controller will include a front-facing camera.

As the insider noted, the front-facing camera can be used for in-game images. That wasn’t the only piece of information revealed either, as the source also confirmed that the controller will indeed feature a six-inch touch-screen that may well come with a stylus.

The Wii 2 pad will also feature a standard button layout. The new Nintendo Wii console is due to be officially unveiled during E3 next month. A recent report over on IGN claimed that Nintendo would be teaming with AMD to make a graphics processor that features a custom version of the R700 architecture.

Are you looking forward to the ‘Nintendo Wii 2’ being officially unveiled?



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