Microsoft dropping hints about New Xbox at E3 2011?

By Alan Ng - May 20, 2011

We have some interesting news for you now, and it could, just could be a hidden message that Microsoft may be planning to reveal new Xbox hardware at this year’s E3 event which kicks off in June. The company are running a new promotion, in which students will receive an Xbox 360 free when they buy a Windows 7 computer.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it – and it is. As reported over at CrunchGear, students just need to pay over $699 for a Windows 7 computer and then Microsoft will also hand you a 4GB console for absolutely nothing it seems.

This deal will start at the end of the week on Sunday May 22nd, and Microsoft states in their press release that users will be able to choose from a good variety of computers to match different style opinions, although it wasn’t stated whether the deal specifically applies to desktops, laptops or both.

It’s a pretty bold move by Microsoft, and one which doesn’t appear to have any catches. A free Xbox 360 console with every computer purchase over $699 is music to our ears, but are Microsoft seeing this as a business move?

It’s clear that based on this move, they want to shift as much Xbox 360 hardware as possible, so it’s logical to assume that they may be planning to announce something BIG at E3 2011. We’ve already had the Wii 2 announced, will we see the Xbox 720? It’s starting to get exciting folks. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  •  no this would be a stupid move for MS since they just had a HUGE amount of customers buy the kinect and they just made a XBOX slim, what their trying to do is one up apple, apple has offers like a free ipod with your mac computer to students and both relatively cost 200$ thus this is something MS can do, and apple has no game system to counter this, also the xbox has lots of none gaming things like netflix and hulu, as well it can stream media from their new laptop to the xbox via wifi network which well appeal to students. this is also a move to spread word of zune, xbox live, and kinect. and kinect also has video chat on your TV, as well of cource as controller free motion controll. so this is just a way to get xbox to more people, or to have a second one in the home. and depending on how long this deal goes on i well be getting that free xbox when i upgrade my laptop for school. that second xbox well go to just upgrading my current 4GB slim to a 250GB hard drive. OR maybe school things if i need the money after paying 1,200 for my HP touch smart laptop.