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Live Contacts 1.0: One touch dialing app for iPhone

Possess a fast-dial option for your iPhone with Live Contacts 1.0 the one touch dialing application for your device.

For people that you often call Live Contacts by Askar Khangildin is an ideal way of using your contacts with a rapid speed function. Add a video to your details of friends and family and have them readily available in a flash.

Live Contacts 1.0 will help you with your time consuming searches and instantly update your old pictures and videos to new fresh ones within seconds. Choose a video or make one, link it to your contact and dial. If you do not have a current video of your friend, this app will upload your new one later in no time at all.

Every contact has an individual sound channel so you can turn the volume up and down when you choose. Have as many contacts as you want, this app does not save your images or video on Live Contacts so you can delete certain contacts without losing the photo or video images that comply with the details.

Tap on the empty fast-dial button, add a new contact and details or one from your existing list, press “Action” and that’s it. To get rid off a contact use both fingers at the same time and the window clears. Swiping your finger left to right will adjust the sound volume and turning contact pages is just like a book.

Live Contacts 1.0 is an easy to use rapid application to update and use your contact details in a flash. For more details, visit the App Store.



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