E Ink snowboard heads-up display flaunted at SID 2011

Recently a lot of news has been thrown out coming from the direction of SID 2011. Today we have yet more news from the event this time of the ever versatile E Ink displays. It appears the company has managed to integrate one into a snowboard giving it a cool heads up display.

The E Ink display has gotten a bit of a reputation as of late appearing on all sorts of devices, none more oddly than a snowboard however. Thanks to its large easy to read features it actually is a fairly practical feature to have on a snowboard.

Providing you don’t end up crashing from concentrating on it too much that is. Its uses could potentially allow for users to get weather warnings or updates or allow communication through a link to a mobile phone for example.

From the pictures you can see the display has a signal reader, weather indicator, compass and clock. You can find out what else the snowboard’s display could do over at Slashgear, where they have an article with news of what other devices have an integrated E Ink display.

How useful would you find an E Ink display?



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