Dirt 3: Full PS3 Trophy List Revealed

By Tina Chubb - May 20, 2011

The moment that many a Colin McRae fan has been waiting for is almost upon us now, and by that I mean the much-awaited release of the Dirt 3 rallying game. If you’re waiting for the game to arrive for the PlayStation 3, you might be pleased to know that the full PS3 trophy list has now been revealed.

As noted over on the ps3news.com website, the Dirt 3 game – which features a new ‘Gymkhana’ mode, as well as a cockpit camera view and split-screen – contains 67 trophies in total, including the platinum trophy (only unlocked once all the other trophies have been achieved) and 2 gold trophies.

The two gold trophies available include From DiRT to Glory, which requires players to achieve first place finishes in all of the DiRT Tour events, and Battered Battersea. To unlock the Battered Battersea gold trophy, players are required to complete 100 percent of the Battersea Compound missions.

There are also 12 silver trophies to unlock, including DC Gold (win gold medals in all of the DC Challenges), Eat My DiRT! (reach driver rep level 30), King of the Road (win an online race in Hardcore Mode) and SuperSeries Champion (win the DC SuperSeries Championship).

Meanwhile, the bronze trophies include Against the Clock, which requires players to complete a time trial in Monte Carlo, Air Miles (win a race in ever location) and Can’t Touch This, which requires gamers to remain uninfected in a round of Outbreak (Pro Tour or Jam Session).

You can see what other trophies are available to unlock in Dirt 3 via the ps3news.com website. Will you be picking up the Dirt 3 game?

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