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3do: Never forget a task again with iOS app

Remember those little jobs or certain arrangements with 3do- The next generation of reminder apps. Never forget a task again with this application available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

If you find that, your reminders all come at once with not enough time to complete a task. You could even wonder why this information was not available days ago for you to organize your time better. The 3do application by Cleversome will help with remembering those tasks.

Keep yourself ahead of the rest with clear simple alerts that will give you the information you need on separate occasions. Have multiple alarms that you can initiate and turn off one at a time. Use the snoozing options to delay reminders or just ignore it.

All available on one screen, you can access all information without the need for tedious editing and saving, anything you edit will automatically save instantly. Added features will help you organize certain times that are advantageous to you.

With 12 quality alert sounds, 2 pre alarm sounds and 4 repeat modes 3do is the next generation app where you will never forget a task again. For more details, head over to the App Store.



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