Sharp’s Super Hi-Vision 85″ LCD Prototype Flaunted

This month has been one which has seen a lot of large screens shown off. A little over a week ago we brought you news of the Samsung D9500 75” 3D TV and more recently news of the 85” 3D TV from Bang & Olufsen.

Today we have news of another huge screen, this time from Sharp. They have been flaunting their 85” prototype which has an astonishing resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels. That works out to be 103ppi, which may not seem much compared to some smaller displays we have seen recently like the 4” Toshiba display which has 367ppi.

In comparison to other larger screens, for example a 60” 1080p HDTV which would only have a 36ppi, the Sharp display has a lot more. According to the article at DigInfo TV ultra-high definition like this has only been able to be shown with a projector.

Thanks to Sharp’s Aquos technology however they were able to create this 33mp image. You can check out more about the display in the full article over at DigInfo TV by clicking the link above, where you will also find a video of the display on show.

Are you looking forward to seeing TVs like this in the future? Let us know in the comments below.



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