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Samsung Infuse 4G Camera Review: Software An Issue

Looking over our recent Samsung Infuse 4G review we can see that nothing was mentioned about the camera, so we thought we would rectify this. We already know that the handset is up for the task, but it seems that there is an issue with the software, which will affect the overall outcome of this Samsung Infuse 4G camera review.

AT&Ts latest Android addition seems to have the main three areas pinned down, large screen, powerful processor and a thinner body. To us it seems a shame that Samsung has worked so hard on these main areas, only to fall at the last hurdle. We already know that it has an 8-megapixel camera, but history tells us that it does not mean a thing. What you need is a good lens and the software to back it up.

IntoMobile has spent some time with the Infuse 4G and for the most part the camera performs very well, which you can clearly see from their test images. The colors look very good and seem to be able to cope with varying light conditions. It is not until you get to the software where you get to see that Samsung could have made a few improvements.

One of the main issues is how long it takes from activating the shutter until the photo being taken, the issue here is that you will not be able to take that all-important “Kodak Moment”. If you never take photos like this, then there is no issue here. However, how many times have you seen something funny or amazing and just wanted to take that spur-of-the-moment picture?

Do you think the camera delay is an issue for the Samsung Infuse 4G?



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