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NCsoft Set Guild Wars 2 Beta Release Two Years Ago

We found it strange that NCsoft set Guild Wars 2 beta release two years ago; well guess what, their time is up. We now have details that our initial report back in 2009 was correct, as the beta game is expected to be with us in the second half of this year. However, the full version of the game will not see a release until 2012.

This has certainly been a long wait, one that fans of the franchise have grown tired of waiting on. What makes things even worse is how the developer never seems to offer us a precise release date, as when asked all they say is “’when it’s done”. Well, at least we are finally getting somewhere.

Eurogamer points out that the first time Guild Wars 2 was announced was way back in 2007, so we have to wonder how far they have actually got? We know that there are said to be 150 developers working on the game, so one would assume that this is going to be one awesome game. However, things never seem to go that way.

There is no denying how popular the first installment of the game was, but the sequel is said to be like a behemoth. One thing we do know, this is the most anticipated MMO in years – let us hope it lives up to the hype.



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